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Hospital Management Conference and Award Winners

This past March, we held our annual Hospital Management Conference (HMC) at the Loews in downtown Philadelphia.

This annual leadership forum is a great opportunity for our hospital leaders from across the company to engage in-person to discuss strategies, learn from each other, hear refreshing perspectives from external speakers and exchange ideas.

Most importantly, we took time to reflect upon the accomplishments of the past year, celebrating our many achievements and recognizing our award winners.

Quality Awards

Quality awards recognize achievement, improvement and sustainability in aligning business practices and are presented to acute care and behavioral health facilities that exceed quality metrics, core measures and improve patient satisfaction.

Overall Quality Award Winners

UHS Overall Quality Award Winners

Front row (l to r): Lisa Smith, Todd Mann, Brenda Ivory, Lance Ames
Back row (l to r): Bob Deney, Matt Peterson, Marc D. Miller, Alan B. Miller, Marvin Pember, Chuck Stark

Acute Care Certificate Winners

UHS Quality Award winners acute Care division

Front row (l to r): Marvin Pember, Ryan Chandler, Eladio Montalvo, Chuck Stark
Back row (l to r): Marc D. Miller, Alan B. Miller

The UHS Chairman’s Council

The UHS Chairman’s Council awards are presented to CEOs who displayed overall leadership and significantly exceeded expectations. These leaders and their teams delivered some of the highest patient satisfaction and clinical outcomes among all UHS facilities.

UHS Chairmans Council

Front row (l to r): Kevin DiLallo, Andy Guz, Stephanie Bernier, Lisa Smith, Marvin Pember, Matt Peterson, Vickie Lewis, Randy MacKendrick, Brad Neet, Bob Deney
Middle row (l to r): Gary Gilberti, Shauna Mogerman, Craig Scholnick, Rachel Legend, Thomas Ryba, Michael Triggs, Tricia Williams, Roz Hudson
Back row (l to r): Ron Weglarz, Jeff Herman, Bill Aniskovich, Alan B. Miller, Marc D. Miller, Mandy Westerman, Jeff Morrell, Greg Stewart

The Eagle Awards

This highest award is given to individuals named to the UHS Chairman’s Council three times. Honorees are service excellence champions with a hands-on management style who are dedicated and responsive to employees, patients and the community.

UHS Eagle Award WInner

(l to r): Gary Gilberti, Alan B. Miller, Rachel Legend, Marc D. Miller, Matt Peterson

Service Excellence Awards

Positive outcomes, patient satisfaction and HCAHPS scores, along with establishing a culture of employee engagement are key to achieving the highest level of Service Excellence and to ensuring patients, families and employees have a “WOW” experience in our facilities.

UHS Service Excellence Winners

Front row (l to r): Kerry Knott, Krista Roberts, Nina Eisner, Roz Hudson
Back row (l to r): Matt Peterson, Marc D. Miller, Alan B. Miller, Marvin Pember