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UHS Remarkable Nurses
UHS Remarkable Nurses

Our more than 22,000 nurses at UHS facilities inspire, influence and innovate to deliver better care to the patients we are privileged to serve each and every day. The work they do is important. In fact, Americans have ranked nursing as the most honest and ethical profession. In each annual Gallup Poll survey since 2002, nurses have surpassed all other professions for being the most trustworthy and honest.

Through the UHS RN – Remarkable Nurses campaign, we are pleased to showcase the positive impacts of our nurses as they inspire patients to be their best, innovate to deliver evidence-based, higher quality care and influence the lives of everyone we take care of through teamwork and collaboration.

Through this campaign, our Acute Care and Behavioral Health hospitals have the opportunity to attract, retain and celebrate their outstanding team of professional nurses. Through written and video testimonials, our current nurses, who provide compassionate, exceptional care every day, help us highlight our facilities as the providers of choice and the employers of choice.

Our nurses have access to advanced technological systems, processes and practice; performance improvement and patient safety initiatives to foster positive patient outcomes; a collaborative practice model; evidence-based nursing practice; and education and development programs.

The nurses of the Acute Care and Behavioral Health divisions are the heart of healthcare and help us deliver quality care. Ongoing education, career development and a culture of teamwork and collaboration allow our nurses to make a difference every day in the lives of patients we are privileged to serve.

Our hospitals and facilities are continually looking for exceptional nurses who share our values, our focus on hard work, enthusiasm, teamwork, loyalty, trust and cooperation.

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“Nurses have a special skill that comes from a passion for taking care of people.”

“Nurses have a unique gift. When people feel their worst, we make them feel at ease. We hold their hand, help them smile and make them feel comfortable and safe.”

“It takes teamwork to help our patients. They come to us when they are extremely vulnerable, anxious and afraid. How we talk to them, treat them and spend time with them makes a difference.”

“Nurses are remarkable in what they do every day — taking care of people when they need us most, supporting their family and delivering the highest, safest level of care possible. When we bring all of our knowledge and skills together, we personify clinical excellence.”